Hey citizens of the world,listen up!

Just wanted to let you know that my new website is up and running. I will keep you posted about all that´s happening with my music in the future. Pictures,movie clips and more from the studio sessions and live gigs. I hope you wish to continue this journey with me and spread beautiful melodies and bright shining words to the world we live in.

Since the release of the latest album ” Live at Home” I ´ve only heard positive things about it. The plan for this year is to make a studio album with pretty much the same songs and the same fantastic musicians.

I will try to keep you updated and invite you to my studio where the magic happens.

We´re just about to book our first shows in Stockholm in the near future and I will get back to you guys when we have set a date and time for the next gig.

Last but not least I would like to thank everybody for taking part in the making of the great album ”live at home” and also thank Mammazita Soffan for my new website.

Bless all ya and I hope you have a fantastic spring and summer ahead of you.


Humble regards JahMikey







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