Working on a Miracle.

So I´ve come up with an nice melody to a new song called Miracle. The chorus is really nice but the verse is not quite there just yet.

The lyrics I´ve written so far sucks big time which usually is the least of my problems. But somehow when everything else in my life runs smoodely the lyrics seems to be absence.

Today I will start my day with an hours walk,clear my head and just write the fu…. song so I can move on with the next.

I have about 6 fresh ideas which hopefully will render in at least one great melody.As soon as I finished Miracle I´ll try and share it with you guys here on the website.

Since I have the weekend of from touring ,I´ll try to get myself fit and rehabilitate my abused body after a long winter filled with quite a bit  of alcohol.

Wish you a fantastic weekend and I hope you all land softly in your hangover on sunday.




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