A smooth day in the sun.

Wrote a new song old school style today with a pen and paper and my guitar.

Don´t understand why I don`t write this way more often. All these helpful computers and plugins and sounds can give you an idea to a new song. But I still believe that the best way for me is to just grab a coffee pen and paper and be done with it.

So any way. This weekend I´ll be play in stockholm with MO some kind of private gathering and then we´re of to a fantastic week in Marbella in Spain.

We´ll be playing in a fabulous mansion for some good friends to us. At least the once we already know.

Tomorrow I´ll be hanging out with by brother for the first time in a long time. Think we will have a good chat.

Will keep you updated whats happening in Spain.

Looking forward hanging by the pool with some of me best friends and having a laugh.

See ya´ll soon.

Jah MikeyBurstPen1


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