When push comes to shove there´s nothing like father and daughter love

You can go on tour with the band to earn your money and for sure have a fantastic time with your friends. You can keep working on your own career at the same time as I do hoping you´ll get a break in the near future .

But top of my list is what really means something. Its the people you love in your life. If I had words to describe the lengths Id go to make my daughters life a safe and happy life to grow up to then thats my goal in life.

I can write about changing the world with my music and about my dreams of Michailoff orphanages , but nothing is worth anything without a smile on her face.

I will make this world into a better place with my music as long as my Z is by my side.

Rest asure she´ll be touring the world with me at some stage of our life.

If not like stars we´ll play the streets and work ourselves upwards until we will meet our goal.


bildbild kopiabild kopia 2Tomorrow we´ll visit the Tivoli in Copenhagen and have a nice day before we´ll fly back to Stockholm and my summer tour starts.

I´m blessed and humbled to the fact that I have unconditional love from this magic creature.

One Love wishes Mikey and Zoey.



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