Storsjöyran. Nine days and 28 gigs in Ö-Sund.


And So It Begins.

For nine days I´ll be playing somewhere up to 30 gigs at at least 2 different places. Marmeladorkestern will be playing at a place called Panorama situated down the harbor as a part of all the festival restaurant tents.

Me and my friend Anders will also be playing at Brunkullan everyday between 20.30-21.30 staring sunday.

On top of this it´s quite likely that me and friends will give a concert during this coming week. I will get back to you with the details on that as soon as we have had a couple of beers and decided when and where we should be playing.

Östersund has a small but fantastic music-stage with lots of nice live-stages to play at. And the thing I love the most is that you can practically play anywhere you want during the festival cause everybody wants to hear live-music.

Ok you might not be invited to headline the festival itself by the narrow-minded people running the show. But if you wanna play music for the love of it and still earn money there´s plenty of places for everyone to go around.

Storsjöyran is something we all grow up with coming from this town. And you measure the time in/as before and after Storsjöyran. The days building up to the presidents speech next saturday is what makes it so special.

Old friends, new friends,old shags and new ones. Teachers,preachers,police men and creatures. Everyone you can think of will slowly be building up the adrenaline and alcohol tolerance before midnight saturday the 27 of july.

20.000 people screaming the name of what we call our republic.

20.000 people never wanting to leave this cold and at some times godforsaken place.

20.000 people who’s seen the most beautiful of evenings walking across the bridge a warm summer night from Frösön to badhusparken while Motohead is ripping Ace of Spades to shreds.

20.000 people knowing that we are among the few who´s been so lucky growing up in what I´ll believe to be a small paradise on earth.

20.000 people young,old,black,brown,pale,grey,drunk,sober and whatever giving their love to always make these nine days count.

I am one of those 20.000 people and hopefully so are you.

But finally the silence. The dead dead silence of a city almost vanishing from the face of the earth on THE sunday. Sounds like armageddon? We´ll it´s not. But it´s still that feeling I was left with as a youngster after the festival was over.

This year I´ll try to make each and every minute count no matter how fucking hung over and tired I get. This year might be our last so what the hell let´s make it count.

Jamtland Jamtland Jamt o ständut.

(ja inte ständut dom spelar ju för fan i Ovikstältet. Säger man väl för faan inte.)



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  • Späckat program grabben,verkar bli fin vers fr tisdag kan bli en trevlig båt sväng nån dag kanske


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