The feeling you get when the last chords ring out.

I know it might not sound as hard as I sometimes try to describe our line of work. But what you have to understand is that you have to on your toes every minute of every show or it will sound crap which occasionally it does. But to the best of our ability we have to stay sharp. (well perhaps a little drunk every now and again).

We have had somewhere around 21 days of playing in july and today we finally reached the goal line. It´s hard to explain the bonds between me and my friends that I´m playing with but it´s something of love affair. We all now exactly how the other ones doing mentally, physically and musically after so many hours of playing together. What ever I´ll do in my life I´ll never forget these beautiful people I´m touring with.

From luxurious boats in Gotland to Mansions in Marbella to screaming children on the boat between Visby and Nynäshamn. Audience that´s just listening sipping on their champagne to a full crowd screaming their lungs out. The smell of womanly perfume to beer in my beard and metal taste on my fingers from my strings. Small hotel rooms to beautiful Villas, we have all the spectra with in the life of a musician.


Finally thanks to all you people giving me positive vibrations and love when I´m on stage. And thank you guys for playing your heart out every single day we´re on stage.


GitarristernaHere´s me, Fredd and the brilliant Lage from Smalare än tord. Three guitarist that likes to play it fast. Occasionally we also like to have a beer or two after the shows as you can see.

BassisternaThese two guys are the best bass players I ever played with. Lars Sigurdsson on the left from Marmeladorkestern And Lars Ericsson who plays with me when I do my own shit. Big hearts and no hair. Love emHumoristerna

Me my old friend Daniel in the middle and Sillen from MO on the right. A fantastic night in Visby with loads of laughter and yea what ever.



Me and Sillen after our last show on Gotland trying to listen to Hoffmaestro but seemingly had enough of music. Hotell

Bags are packed and I´m going home to sleep with my family again. No more words needed.



So this is my farewell to Storsjöyran 2013 the fantastic festival that´s been a part of my life since I was 10 years old. I have had a fantastic nine something days with loads of laughter and music with hardcore people. Much obliged but no you can all fuck off.

Hugs and kisses






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