Ny skivinspelning i Maj.

Bjuder på en ny liten demolåt som möjligtvis kan komma med på nästa skiva. Bortsett ifrån att jag inte lärt mig alla nya kompressorer mm i min nya studion så låter det ändå bättre än på länge. Om allt går som det är tänkte ska jag hänga ut med Martin Andersson från Lars Vegas Trio […]

Vacation´s over. Let´s get to work.

Have had a nice couple of weeks just relaxing. But now it´s time to get going again. Tomorrow we´re going to Sundsvall for two days and I´m looking forward to meet up with the boys again. 2 new songs in the last couple of days and one of which I think is great. Keep your […]

After sunshine comes rain or?

Was it the other way around? Have had a fantastic vacation with my family in Torremolino Spain and I feel ready to get back to work. Feels great just working weekends this autumn and perhaps get some time over to go fishing and hang out with my friends. For now I just leave you with […]

The feeling you get when the last chords ring out.

I know it might not sound as hard as I sometimes try to describe our line of work. But what you have to understand is that you have to on your toes every minute of every show or it will sound crap which occasionally it does. But to the best of our ability we have […]

Half done and rest to come.

I wouldn´t call myself a healthy man all the times but I sure love my work nights like this one. Just had a burger and a sandwich within ten minutes and my body´s screaming for energy. A movie and checking out the latest football transfers is how I´ll end this night. Many thanks to my […]

Storsjöyran. Nine days and 28 gigs in Ö-Sund.

And So It Begins. For nine days I´ll be playing somewhere up to 30 gigs at at least 2 different places. Marmeladorkestern will be playing at a place called Panorama situated down the harbor as a part of all the festival restaurant tents. Me and my friend Anders will also be playing at Brunkullan everyday […]

The magic of Visby.

I had a different plan with my stay in Visby with lots of being alone time and planing my future. Thought I would have a bad conscience and anxiety a day like today but I  realize that Ive only done things that has made me happy. Birthdays and dinners with old friends, power walks with […]

Ten days.

Tomorrow I´m leaving for Visby Gotland for ten days. Ten days of training,swimming,eating healthy and relaxing. Ten days of playing guitar an hour a day. Ten days of reading books , making historical trips around the island. Ten days of meeting new interesting people and having meaningful conversations. Or ten days of ignoring whats best […]

When push comes to shove there´s nothing like father and daughter love

You can go on tour with the band to earn your money and for sure have a fantastic time with your friends. You can keep working on your own career at the same time as I do hoping you´ll get a break in the near future . But top of my list is what really […]